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hlp: Check engine light (Code 2411)

Hi All,

I am seeking help from the combined wisdom of the list.

The car in question is a '95 A6Q (5 speed).
The check engine light is coming on intermittently (with increasing
frequency lately), and the fault code is 2411 - EGR/EGR temp sensor.  Before
(and after) the light started coming on, the car tends to ping at
mid-throttle applications in the vicinity of 2-3K rpm, and sometimes bucks,
or stutters between shifts when accelerating aggressively.

The dealer (Bernardi in Framingham, MA) offered to clean the "blockage" from
the EGR passage for $200.  I politely declined, since I didn't feel that
they took the time to isolate the fault to either the EGR valve itself, or
the temp sensor (or any other area for that matter).  BTW, their VW tool
flagged the fault as no EGR flow detected, but does not necessarily imply a
blockage in my opinion.

I am hoping that some of you may have encountered this problem with your V6
Audi, and would be willing to share your experience.  Ultimately, I'd like
to troubleshoot the EGR system myself, but lack the necessary information.

Any help appreciated.

Thank you,
95 A6Q
90 100

p.s. I noticed there is a tech bulletin listed on the AllData site.  Anyone
know the details?
269203         APR 92       EGR Implausible Signal Code 2411