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RE: Quattro g.box oil change

If you are talking about the transaxle which contains the tranny and the
front and center diffs, then yes, they all share the same fluid.  The center
diff has a separate drain because otherwise not all of the fluid would drain
from the center diff unless you tilted the tranny up on the input shaft ...

If you are speaking of the transaxle and rear diff ... the Bentley for the
QTC specifies different oil for each.  The transaxle uses a GL-4 rated lube,
and the rear diff a GL-5.  I don't remember the exact weight specifications,
but I used Redline MT-90 in the transmission, and Redline 75W-90 GL-5 in the
rear diff.  

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

> -----Original Message-----
> I am going to be replacing the g.box oil on my Coupe Q '85 
> soon, I need to know if  the box and diff share the same oil, 
>  if so both must be filled from the box filler as I can't see 
> a filler on the centre diff.  I have one drain plug on the 
> left hand side of box low down, and the drain plug for the 
> centre diff is right underneath it. Am I correct in this? 
> Obviously  I don't want to drain the diff oil only to find I 
> can't re fill it.
> Any btdt would be appreciated,  I am going to use fully 
> synthetic probably Castrol TAF-X.
> Iain