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Re: Bilstein Warranty Update

Glen_Powell@ne.3com.com wrote:

> Gary Wrote:
> "I will never buy $60 Boge's again, have them sag in a year or 2"
> Shocks don't sag, springs sag. The weight of the car is supposed to be
> supported by the springs. (the purpose of the gas in 'gas shocks' is to
> help reduce foaming of the hydraulic shock fluid under severe conditions,
> not to support the weight of the car)

Ok, I'll bite...

'splain the increase in ride height on my TQW with stock springs
and hi pressure gas charged Bilsteins, ditto for RoTs 90qs, and My old
16vScirocco with
Gas charged Konis, vs the stock struts.

-Peter Schulz
1991 TQW
1990 CQ