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Re: true Audifan at Purdue....

I don't have a college degree.  But that is because I am still in high
    1986 white Audi 4k cs quattro.

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| I'd guess the majority of us have some sort of college degree, or are
| working on one.  Just goes to show you that higher learning doesn't
| necessarily equate with greater common sense, eh?
| Kneale Brownson
| At 02:10 PM 9/29/99 -0400, OorQue@aol.com wrote:
| >> If Audi owners had any brains, they wouldn't be....
| >
| >So, what does this mean about those of us who bought our Audis *after* we
| >graduated from Unidue Purversity?
| >
| >JG
| >