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RE: Hydraulic fluid

Went to our New Holland dealer here and all they had on the shelf was
Hydraulic Oil part number M6C59A which is petroleum based, as per the
label.  I gave the parts guy the part number quoted below M6c34-A-1 and
they said it cross referenced to the petroleum based oil.  Are my guys
out of touch or what?

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'86 5KTQ stock (if you don't know what it means, you aren't in the club)

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>Hi again Dave,
>>Whre do you buy it?
>>Dave C.
>>> Ford spec #M6C34-A--I use this one (~$5.00 a US qt)
>At the local Ford tractor and farm equipment dealer.
>He refers to it as mineral brake oil.  The label says
>Mineral hydraulic oil.
>The last batch said "New Holland" on it, but the previous
>were labeled "Ford."   Somehow the faux continental name
>must've pleased the 5ks (only one that leaks), cause it
>seems to have slowed.
>I also recently discovered that it really might not be the
>rack.  It blows around everwhere on the left side of the
>engine at the firewall.  Sorta' looks like maybe a hose or
>fitting somewhere near (on?) the reservoir.  According
>to the list I checked and the boot was not rotted and
>was relatively dry.  Wow, wouldn't that be great!
>I asked the guy to price me a pail (5gal), but he didn't
>have it in his distributor's book.  I'm due to pick some
>up --maybe this Saturday.  I'll ask again.  I'd expect
>about fifty bucks a pail.  I'll also see if I can get a
>spec sheet and post it.
>Additional Audi content:
>When I got stuck while replacing rear wheel bearings, he
>also helped with the huge internal snap rings I didn't
>get with the bearings from GPR --appropriate I guess
>cause I was using a jack under my Farmall Super M as
>a bearing press....  ;-)