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Nitrous tank heating?

In a message dated 9/29/99 5:09:47 PM Central Daylight Time, 
rmyers@inetone.net writes:

<< The N2O in the tank is under sufficient pressure to keep the N2O (most of
 it) liquid in the tank at ambient temperatures.  Heating the tank will
 increase the equilibrium vapor pressure of the liquid N2O and will allow
 the tank to provide more N2O (at a higher pressure and therfore higher flow
 rate) through a specific induction system than will the same setup without
 the heat.  This makes sense for increasing the N2O shot but it also
 definitely increases the potential hazard inherent in any compressed gas
 system. >>

A tank heater is used to keep the tank at close to ambient temperature. As 
nitrous is released the tank (and all associated lines get really cold 
)reducing the pressure of the nitrous and causing a over rich condition 
killing power.