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Re: Warning Lights

Fred Munro wrote:

>Driving the car with a bad bomb or with low hydraulic pressure is
>dangerous. You will rapidly run out of brake assist in a panic stop,
>significantly increasing your braking distance (and resistance!). Unless
>have the legs of a power lifter, it is a very good idea to keep the brake
>assist system in good working order.

I wholeheartedly agree.  I drove around for awhile with a bad bomb.  The
brakes worked fine in normal braking and I reasoned that I could compensate
for a hard stop.  _WRONG_  Almost soiled myself when someone pulled out in
front of me too close.  When you step on the brake pedal hard and suddenly,
it will not result in the instant braking action you expect.  It will take a
few milliseconds for you to realize what is going on.  Then you will
compensate by standing on the pedal.  But those few milliseconds will seem a
lot longer when danger is imminent.  That, plus the braking distance will be
longer.  I don't remember if the ABS engaged.

I replaced my bomb at the next available opportunity.