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Re: paint

In a message dated 9/28/99 4:03:32 PM, meyeke@netinc.ca wrote:

<<so...sanding isn't hard and painting isn't hard...that's all true,
very true.....however...sanding like an expert pro and painting like a pro
takes time and practice. it all depends on what you want. there are _really_
cheap paints out thereand, to the knowledgeable eye they look cheap. you can
finish it yourself and paint it yourself.....maybe the runs and dribbles and
sandpaper scratches won't show all that much. remember you are learning on
that one car. the better the quality of the paint the better the finish and
the more it will accentuate the flaws. i enjoy custom car shows. i enjoy
seeing the really wonderful paint jobs. then you see a car where the guy did
everything sooo well up until the paint job where he chintzed on quality or
did it himself for the first time. it stands out. an expert charges expert
rates for an expert job. top quality paints are hundreds of dollars per
gallon and require specialized methods of application....and are highly
toxic so a fresh air ventilator is a must as is a vytec suit.
        all paint jobs will leave your car clean and shiny...some can still
look that way years down the road...the choice is yours.>>

reminds me of that old saying.....There's nothing more expensive than cheap