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4000q front strut tops

I have a question, that my 'database' of the one Audi 4000q I own won't
help me with.

Here's the (long) question..

I'm talking about the metal 'caps' the center the top of the frot struts.
This metal cap is under the black plastic covers on the strut tops, and is
what the large nut that holds the strut in bolts onto.

On my 4000q, the metal 'cap' sits about the hight of my finger above the
fender. When I jack up the car, the strut goes down that half inch, before
starting to lift with the car. 
A friend who has a 4000q also, says his caps are right against his fender
at rest. Then he looked at his parts 4000q. It's the same as mine, with the
cap sitting a bit above the fender.

It strikes me that this extra bit of height is not a good thing, especially
when doing 'brisk' navigational rallies, where there is sometimes
opportunity of 'negative weight' on the struts.

I'm also wondering if this oddness has anything to do with the different
strut bushings that seem available.. Seems there are blue and black, And
they are not the same height? Would this height difference show up at the
strut top?

The bently book does not show enough detail to really let yoou know what's
happening here...

If there is a choice of parts, my preference would be for the extra ride
height, as I do some road rallies occasionally. My sump guard hangs low
enough as is...

Any thoughts? Anyone else have the same situation?


Frank de Kat 
Dundas, Ontario, Canada

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