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RE: Redux torsens

Dave E writes:
>isn't memory a fine thing... wasn't it you scott who has so assertively
>stated that the torsen was *never* used by audi in rally'ing (see archives)?
You are correct sir, my claim is that audi *never* used torsens in rallying.  
I'm still looking for more than "rumors".  Right now, the claim is as 
archived.  I've always been open to the proof.  Right now, it's lacking.  How 
'bout that interview that Walter didn't like it?  Another rumor?  Why would 
that rumor surface too?

>and also that it was *never* used in the a4 super touring ('rce' article
>stating the contrary excepted of course)...

I read the RCE article.  You may want to find a couple others to help you 
here.  King truly spilt the beans on all the A4tourings dave.  Well 

>in summary, we appear to have the s1 winning with a torsen on tarmac with
>walter rohrl at the helm (san remo), and hannu mikkola twice running with a
>torsen in the s1. so clearly the torsen was viewed to be a suitable device
>for audi's top-level motorsport aspirations.
Steady now Dave. Think about why the sport was 320mm shorter than the A1/2's. 
 "It appears" really doesn't cut it quite yet, I'm looking for confirming 
rumors, certainly have helped both "interviewers" hone the skills with some 
statistics, don't you think?  You have an opening, please take it, this 
challenge has been open (to you especially) for some time.  So, we use 
torsens on pavement and not in low cf conditions?  Why would that be exactly. 

>i note your documentation of the success of the s1 against the peugeot 205's
>and other mid-engined group 'b' cars of the era.  the implication isobvious.
>perhaps, to complete the picture, you would like to include the stats
>against the same cars of the sport quattro (with centre locker)?

I did.  Reread the results Dave.  In order for the S1 results to be 
significant AT ALL, you have to include the sports.  1 win with an S1 (WR)  
with a "rumored" torsen, 1 win (Stig) with a locked center "confirmed".  So 
the results are a draw, the 205T16 started it's winning streak in Aug '84, 
the Sport/S1 in April 1984.  The results I posted were concurrent to the 
intro of the short wheelbase quattros.  Regardless, a quick look of the 
results clearly shows the Sports, not the S1 as being more successful in 
rallying.  A statistical anomoly?  You tell me.

>thanks to hans-juergen and jouko for more documentation/personal interviews
>on this topic.

I'll take the thanks too, for interviewing Stig.  You're the best Dave.

Scott J