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Theory and Practice (5kTQ swaybar upgrade?)

        I have been following the discussion about front a/r bar replacement on a 5000.  The theoretical discussion is interesting.  Scott's essay was very clear and informative, thank you.  But,  I want to hear from the masses who have practiced the art of tuning the 5000 body roll issue.  I know you are out there.  
        My 86 5ktq is very stock and lived most of its life as a " grocery getter".
  The body roll has been severe since new, and I want to keep the car looking and feeling stock as much as I can.  The body roll is a problem, however, because it makes my wife think I am driving too fast, regardless of speed   : ]
         The car doesn't bounce too long (the age-old used car lot test), or make any bad noises.  Considering that this car has never had shocks replaced, I pose these questions to the practitioners:

     What is the best way to go about taming these cars'  inherent tippiness with the least impact on the basic setup? 
        Does a pampered 5Ktq with 140 need new shocks, neccessarily, if they seem to be behaving properly?

Clearly, theory will play a role in these answers as well.  But what have you guys done to your cars?


Go Hokies!  (that's Virginia Tech, #7)

Cassidy Bolger
Blacksburg, VA
1986 5000tq  140,000mi.