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RE: ECU error codes 1.8T motor - HELP!! (kinda long)

I am having cold start problems with my A4 1.8Tqm.
'96 1.8Tqm with MTM 187hp ECU upgrade.
AEB motor
	K&N filter (p/n: 33-2675), Remus rear muffler/tailpipes
	96 RON fuel unleaded, Mobil 1 last 62000kms
	Oil consumption effectively nil, good performance when warmed.

	Starting from cold (no accelerator) engine fires normally, then revs fall
to 200-400 misfires, struggles then stalls.
	Might do this once or twice more before running smoothly. Then when
throttle applied revs fall before recovering.
	Driving while cold: car hesitates when throttle applied before picking up.
	When fully warm: no starting or driving problems

This has happened 3 or 4 times and been corrected by dealer who reports
"there were some errors on the VAG ECU test but we have cleared them now".
Car has been fine for a while then problem has recurred - however despite
service today problem is still present.

The VAG test results follow:

	8D09075577	1.8l R4/5VT MOTR HS D05
		Coding	04001

	2 faults recognised

	16989	P0605	035
	Control Unit defective

	01262	026
	Boost pressure control solenoid-N75
	Output open
	Sporadic fault

<other modules follow all with "no fault recognised">

End of test

These codes have occurred on previous tests. As well an error code 01247 has
intermittently appeared.

I would really appreciate anyone with technical knowledge in this area
helping me (and my dealer!) sort this out because it is a PITA!

Apologies for length of post and TIA

Greg Spark
'96 A4 1.8Tqm
'87 80 1.8E
'98 Golf IV 1.6