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200 20v FS?

Well, guys, I already bought roundtrip flight tickets for my mother and me 
(she insisted) to Fly out to Boston this Saturday (non-refundable, of 
course).  I was to look at a car in NH and told the guy on Monday I'd bought 
tickets and would be flying out to look at the car.  I just spoke with him 
this morning and he says he had a verbal agreement with another party and 
unless the guy doesn't drop off the check this morning, its sold!!!  What a 
bummer :-(  

The flight ticket thing was convoluted to begin with, as it was going to be 
over $1k a ticket from Detroit to Boston (thanks to Northworst's monopoly), 
so I booked it through Cleveland (3 hrs drive) instead, which incidentally 
flies to Detroit and then to Boston, for $302/ticket.  Oh well.

Anyhow, anyone know of any 200 20v sedans FS in Boston area or anywhere else 
in the country for that matter?  I looked at Major Shutt's 200 20v, but I 
need a more compliant suspension for Detroit and would prefer lower miles.

Frustrated in Detroit
Dead 4kq -on its way to shop  -fuel/spark/crank -but not fire?  hmmm...
1990 v8q RIP