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Re: 5kTQ swaybar upgrade?

>  Do you have the part #'s for the 30mm unit and the aluminum bracket? the
>  ones on the "family pictures" all seem to use the same clip.

You are correct, Sir: The bar actually measures 28mm and not 30mm as I 
previously wrote.  I don't know how this gotscrewed up in my mind -- 
advancing age, perhaps? -- but it did.  Just to be safe, though, I measured 
the bar on my car and can confirm that it is indeed 28mm in diameter.
Anyway, the part numbers are as follows:

441 411 309 H - 28mm front a/r bar for ABH-code cars (1 needed)

441 411 327 A - rubber bushings (2 needed)

441 411 336 D - aluminum clamps (2 needed and they ARE different because the 
O.D. of the rubber bushings for the 28mm bar is slightly larger than those 
for the 26mm bar)

BTW, these parts aren't normally stocked in the U.S. and have to be special 
ordered from Germany.  Since they are for a V8, however, they fall under 
Audi's expedited delivery program and it took only a week or so to get them 
here ... a nice service by Audi, especially since I will soon have a 
V8-powered Audi in my garage.  :^)