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More Alcantara...

Thanks to Frank for divulging that audi do purchase directly from
Alcatara SpA... ;-)

US Distributor is Purcell Letchinger Group.  Mucho info can be found

Unfortunately, I plan to purchase less than the required 600 yards min.
for custom colors.

There are 48 stock colors available...and I suspect that Audi AG uses
their own custom colors.

My plan is to replace the Royal Blue alcan seat panels with the same (or
very similar) Silver/Grey found on the other exterior combinations.  I
would like to keep everything as simple as possible...therefore i am
willing to purchase the factory door trim inserts.  But I'll need to
source a few yards of the same color fabric to reapply to the seats.

Still waiting on PN#s.  Someone has them...

But Avi...Please DO TELL your source as I'm only 300m north.

Derek Daily
90 CQ
00 S4?  Nogaro/?Interior

 From: "Avi Meron" <avi@cosmoslink.net>
Subject: RE: Alcantara Source.

How about right here..............I have a source in CA (San Diego), I
the feeling that going to Italy might be a bit costly!
Take care,
BTW, they have at least 20 different colors