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Re: Theory and Practice

In message <81CD658B5601D211BEA7006008CDCD85011C6C58@exchgcd.kronos.com> "Rich, Jack" writes:

> 1) If your wife is like mine, g-forces will make her think you are cornering
> too hard (i.e. driving too fast around a corner) independent of body roll.
> It is an ongoing marital problem when I forget that she is in the car and
> corner normally.  :^)

Well, it soon won't be a problem ...

The only person I can take in the car when I drive normally is Roger
Galvin.  I can assure you it's an experience going into a particular
series of flat bends on the A5 going to the Area K meeting with Roger
wailing: "No! No! Don't lift! That's a 90mph bend!"

My son and daughter were both bomb-proof until he rolled the Passat with
her on board (at 2mph) but now they're both Class 2 cargo.

Most other people are Class 3.

'er indoors is Class 4.  _Any_ detected sideways G elicits a comment.

(The Uniroyals on the Type 44 squeal like hell during slides.  Is this
 a Type 44 thing or a Uniroyal thing?)

 Phil Payne
 UK Audi quattro Owners Club
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