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Re: re: Tire Pressures

>Date: Thu, 30 Sep 1999 08:59:28 -0600
>From: "Levis-Fithian, Jeff E" <LevisJE@LOUISVILLE.STORTEK.COM>
>Subject: re: Tire Pressures
>When I first started doing track events in the mid-80's I used to always
>fairly high tire pressures - 40-45 psi.  A couple of years ago though,
>somebody told me that with the "newer" tires you didn't need to do that
>anymore since the sidewalls are much stronger on hi-perf tires today than
>they were 10 years ago.  Has anybody else heard this?
>- -Jeff

I don't have experience with the latest high performance tires, but my guess
would be you're still going to want to bump up the pressures significantly
over recommended street levels. I think I'd take the standard advice and
start with pressures 6-8 lbs. over Audi's recommended levels, and use the
old tried and true chalk-the-sidewalls trick (unless you've got one of those
fancy temperature probes). Chalk the tires in three or four places before
each track session, and afterward see how far up the tread edge or sidewalls
the chalk's been rubbed off. Adjust accordingly, within reason, i.e. don't
drop below street pressures or go more than 12 or so lbs. above. Too low
pressures, you're driving the turns on the sidewalls. Too high and you'll go
like the blazes down the straights, but lose all that advantage and more
drifting through the turns.

Frank M.
Watkins Glen, NY, USA