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Re Theory and Practice (5kTQ swaybar upgrade?)


    I replaced the struts on my 1987 5000csq avant last May(145k miles).
Did the job myself with the help of my mechanics tool that takes off the
strut nut.  It was an easy job for me and the results were very good, not so
much body roll (some though), and better handling.  I would suggest that you
get a strut brace if body roll is a big issue.  If you are planning to have
kids and this will be a family wagon go with some struts that are a little
more comfy.  I used Blau inserts from Blaufergnugen.  They are nothing
special as far as what guys on this list like, but it was 15 percent stiffer
than stock (when they are new,so figure 20percent at least after 150k!) and
they were cheap!  (59.00 each front)  If you like it a little stiffer I
recommend Bilstein (lifetime warrantee nuffsaid).  The Avants have a
different set up for the rear than the sedan so I went with the $4/$6 spring
strut combo.  It was a simple bolt on job.  Anyway,  The springs do not need
to be replaced.  You may want to while you are in there, but the springs on
these cars are really good and the cars normally outlast the car!
    Have fun blending what everyone says and make up your own mind!  Good
luck and have FUN

Dan Hamren
Redwood City CA
1987 5000 csqa 1.8 bar   155k                         Sport Mom Rocket!
1990 Coupe Quattro BBS Baby! 155k             Daddy's new toy
1988 Range Rover 250k still runn'in strong     Hunters Fav