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Re: WAY off topic (was Re: nitrous in your car?)

Phil Payne wrote:There was a disaster in Spain a few years ago when a propane tanker

> ruptured - it turns out that the latent heat of evaporation of propane
> combines with its specific heat to permit about half of a volume under
> pressure at 30 oC to boil off instantly - this resulted in a cloud
> several hundred metres across.  Somewhere within that space there was
> a naked flame, and several dozen people were immolated.

There was a pretty bad accident on a hiway in front of me once where a CNG (compressed natural
gas) tanker flipped over and ruptured. It happened really fast and the cars were really moving.  I
wound up driving right through a cloud of the stuff figuring "this is it, its going to get ugly".
Just one car has to hit another and have it spark and its all over.. When I went through it OK, I
kept the right foot in the grill and got the hell out of there. Miraculously the tanker never blew
and in that entire accident, nobody got hurt. The only casualty was my shorts.