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Audi Available in Los Angeles for Parts

Our 84 Audi 5000s which was in mint condition just before 8 am this morning
has a stoved in front end. Front bumper, hood and both side panels have been
caved in. Yet the car continued to run after the 30 mph impact. Thankfully,
the driver was not hurt. Accident was caused by a dipsy female driver who
turned left in front of opposing traffic at a green light. Well, she was
cited, but the Audi that we came to know and love for 16 years has been
totaled, at least in the eyes of the insurance company.

There is a lot of good stuff on this car and I am thinking about claiming it
for salvage rather than turning it over to the insurance company to be sold
at auction. Are there any merits to doing this? Is there any interest in the
parts or the whole car for that matter?

Recent repairs this summer have included a new rack & pinion, new tie rod
ends, new brake rotors & brakes, restored power sun roof mechanism and
gasket, window regulators all work well, climate control and programmer are
functional, automatic transmission is in fine shape...no leaks...ditto for
the front drive, engine is still in good shape...I think. Geez...I just put
on a new catalytic converter. Awww it's making me sick just recounting all
this stuff. Any suggestions on what might be done with this stuff?

Robert H. Caron