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Driving Books


last week I asked for some recommendations for books on driving, I've cut & pasted the responses I received as I thought there might be others out there who were interested in this subject.  Thanks again to all who replied.

The first and best book to read is "The Technique of Motor Driving", but Pierro Taruffi.  The driving bible.  He was a contemporary and competitor of the great Juan Fangio, and the information is invaluable.

Next are the rest.  Bondurant puts a good one out, as does the late Ayrton Senna, Nigel Mansell, Niki Lauda....buy the Taruffi book first and then take a look at the rest...you may end up with all of them as I do, because each author has a unique take on things, and you pick up some wonderful info from each.

Hope this helps.

Steven Hill

many moons ago when I went through school I was given a book called "The Drivers Handbook" it was pretty darn good.  No idea if its still in print or not, but if interested I can find ISBN or something. Its one of the better books Ive read on it.
Although my memory may be jaded since it was also one of my firsts...  :o)


R.H. Bentley has one called "Driving Faster" or something like it.  $25 
last I heard.
Check out their website or amazon.com



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