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2 Type 44's 4 Sale

Hello everyone.

It was great to meet everyone at Road America, even through the rain, wind,
and cold, the comradere was warm!  It's also inspired me to finnish my 200
and get it on the track.  You'll be seeing a lot of me at track events next

Anyways, there are two type 44's that are for sale locally that might be of
interest to some...

1.  On the way back from Road America, in the town of Fon du Lac, there is a
small used car lot with a beautiful condition 1990 Audi 200 turbo quattro
sedan...  Pearl white with grey leather interior, pearl BBS rims.  Bose
sound system, phone, etc.  Looks very clean...  forget milage, but asking
price is $7,600.  Phone number is (920) 923-5788.

2.  Was at Road America.  This car belongs to Quattro Club member Ted
Selepa.  A very clean, low milage pearl white 1987 Audi 5000CS turbo quattro
sedan.  Black leather interior.  Normal seats and normal "aero wheels" but
in very nice shape.  Illinios car.  I think he want's $3,500 for it and it
looks to me like a good deal.  Car is bone stock but has been very well
cared for.  I talked to Ted who is a very nice guy.  Only reason he's
selling it is because he just bought an S6 and his wife got a new Audi, so
one must go.  His number is (630) 773-9667.

Another car...  I heard rumors that Scott Doreghty might be selling his
highly modified black 5ktq (looks hot!) but I could not confirm it.  If one
was interested they might want to pursue it through him.

89 200TQ...."root beer"