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Re: Wheel weights gone...

>Alexander van Gerbig wrote:
>>     On average doesn't every wheel on a car have some amount of wheel
>> weights?  Seems as if my front two have none, and the rear passengers
>>has 3 little ones clumped together, and the driver's rear has 2 little
>> clumped together.  I assume that all of them should have something,
>No, its possible a wheel can balance to 0. It has happened to me a couple

Or they may have put the wheel weights on the inside of the wheel (and out
of sight).  Which is what I have the wheel shop do on my A4 rims.  I tell
them I want to keep the factory weights on the outer rim and any additional
counter-weights they have to ad... to put them on the inner rim.  Works well
and keeps wheels looking nice and clean.  My fuchs were beat to hell by the
wheel guys.

If you don't have a problems with balance or vibrations, don't worry about