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RE: Hydraulic fluid

Oh Bugger!

My parts guy gave me Pentosin 7.1 and I have now mixed it with CHF 11S -
G002 000! I've been driving it since Monday on this 7/11 mix.


What do I have to do to correct this situation and is it going to waste my
new hydraulic pump?


I know the bomb is bad but I thought that my braking deficiencies were only
related to that, now I'm getting really uptight.


1990 200TQ

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I believe the original posting on this matter (Re. substitutes for the Audi
version of hydraulic system oils) said he gave his consultant the specs for
Pentosin 7 or else the consultant did a cross reference for Pentosin 7.
Audi replaced Pentosin 7 with Pentosin 11 about a dozen years ago, I
understand, but retained the original oil's Audi part number.  I believe P7
was a petroleum-based oil, while P11 is a synthetic.