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Re: Manual Transmission & Differentials

Well, my Bentley is at home and I'm not so.....

Could be a loose sub frame bushing.  To quote a previous post: "You can 
check these without lifting the car.  Find the front A-arm bushings. The 
backside of the front A-arm to be exact.  About two inches immediately 
behind the rear-side front A-arm bushing is a 17mm bolt that goes 
vertically up into the sub frame.  You can see the bushing.  Mine was loose 
enough to turn by hand! I tightened it up and have rid my car of the 
dreaded clunk. Whoopee."  Or it could be loose/bad motor/trans mounts.

Go buy trans oil.  I've used Mobil 1 in all my cars without any 
problems.  Works great.  Others like RedLine.   Never used it myself.  Get 
6 quarts if you're doing both, you may return one but since I forget the 
capacity, it's easier to return one when you get  a chance than have to go 
get another quart in order to finish NOW.  Put the oil in the footwell of 
your other car and turn the heat on.  Warm is better.  While you're at the 
auto-parts store, get some clear tubing that will fit over the caps of the 
oil bottles once you've snipped the tip off.
Now, you want the car level to do this.
To change the oil, you need to locate the fill plug and the drain 
plug.  Fill plug is on the driver's (US) side of the housing, about halfway 
up.  Clean out the plug thoroughly and wedge that allen key in there nice 
and tight (19mm?  I forget).  Loosen the fill plug first.  Let me repeat: 
LOOSEN THE FILL PLUG FIRST!!!!  You do not want to drain the trans and then 
find out you can't get the fill plug off.  Remove the fill plug and 
clean.  Now, find your favorite oil catching container and loosen the drain 
plug, making sure to clean it, yadda yadda yadda.  Clean drain plug.  Coat 
the drain plug with some Loctite PST (liquid teflon tape).  Screw back 
in.  Now, grab a warm can of oil, peel the top, snip the tip and push on 
the tubing.  Put the tubing into the trans housing and squeeze with one 
hand while holding the tubing with the other.  A helper is helpful at this 
point.  When you've gotten a little oil out, you can pierce the bottom of 
the bottle with a stanley knife and let it drain or you can continue 
squeezing - just don't do both...   ;-)  Once the oil starts dribbling out 
the fill plug, stop.  You're full.  Replace the fill plug.  You can Loctite 
PST the plug if you want.  Not really necessary though.  The oil will keep 
it anti-seized and it's not a leak problem like drain plug is.
Repeat for the other unit.

At 07:27 PM 9/30/1999 ,  River6822@aol.com was inspired to say:
>I have an 88 80q with 118,000 miles. I have a clunking noise when shifting
>hard. It sounds exactly like worn rear differential mounts/bushings. I
>changed them last week and the sound, although slightly better, is not much
>different. What else could it be ?
>How do I change the transmission fluid/oil and the rear differential
>fluid/oil ?
>I have a Bentley but I can't find the procedure. Could some one point me in
>the right direction.

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