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Re: 5kTQ swaybar upgrade? 30mm?

Earlier, DeWitt Harrison wrote:
>>> I hope I don't go down in flames on this one, but I believe that the bar
>>> JG is referring to is, in fact, 28 mm ...
>>I'll measure the one of the front of my '93 V8 after bit, and post 
>>the results.
>>    - Charlie
>Yeah, that oughta by the one. The ABH engine I think.
Well, my caliper says 26 mm.  That's measuring the part that comes
back to the wheel from under the front pan - but it should be the
same diameter everywhere.  This car was produced in 11/92 ... so what
exactly uses the 28 mm bars?  I'm not up on the V8 engine codes,
the serial number starts with WAUB84... so what should I look at for
the engine code?

    - Charlie

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