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Re: cruise control

>At 08:52 PM 30/09/99 -0400, you wrote:
>>I have a problem that is similiar. Historically I've simply had to replace
>>that vacuum bubble thingy that holds the throttle in on the engine. However
>>now I'm loosing air pressure somewhere else. Anybody have a suggestion as to
>>where to look next?

On my 4000q, the vaccum valves at the pedals sometimes leak a bit. After a
bump, the car might slowly slow down (cruise does not go completly off.
Vaccum pump just can't keep up with the leak. It goes  completly off when
you hit a BIG bump, and the switches turn OFF the cruise)

Or, sometimes cruise just will not engage.

Both problems are cured by pulling up on the pedals (clutch & brake) at
the same time with one's toes...
Not elegant, but sure a lot easier than going upside down under the dash to
fix  the vaccum valves...


Frank de Kat 
Dundas, Ontario, Canada

4000 csq , R5,R10'Gordini'
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