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[Fwd: Euro-Elec: 89 Audi Quattro coup, Accessories, interior lights]

Anybody help this guy? Phil? Reply directly to the sender, please, not
to iATN. Thanks, John

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1989 Audi Quattro coup 2.2 L

Trans:         Standard
Mileage:       88,743 miles
VIN:           WAUZZZ8BZKA006270

Misc Data:     U.K.spec
Affected Item: interior lights
Condition:     non function


Hi all, This Audi Quattro coupe has the interior lights not
working since he has owned it. Has anyone a wiring diagram
of the interior light delay circuit, as my diagrams don't
display the right colour coding. Also the location of the
delay unit should be under the dash, in position 3 of the
relay board, but again, it's not there, does anyone know of
it's location.? The interior lights work o.k. when switched
on manually, but nothing via the door contacts Regards,
Steve tel +44 1749 860204 fax +44 1749860085

Steve Norman
T & S Norman
Somerset, Great Britain

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