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Re: They're Heeere!

Yeah, there was an S4 on the showroom floor at Clair a week ago, when I was in
having new rear pads put on... locked, ferchrissake.

BTW a plug for their service dept: when I had the beast inspected last July,
the kid warned me about the rear pads.  Rotating the rubber some weeks later,
yupuhhuh a rear pad was worn paper thin.  My A4 is still in warranty, so in it
comes with me about ready to yell at Tom Flanagan, the servide boss.  Yes sir
sez he, we did too inspect the pads at 20000 mi like the book says to, and
they were fine.

Well it turns out that of the 4 rear pads, 3 were fine and one was thin-- the
one the kid and I saw.  Anyhoo, I have 4 brandynewy pads back there at no
charge.  If this keeps up, my next car will be another Audi, by doG.  From Clair.

no affiliation, the check is in the mail, eat your vegetables, etc.

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