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Re: 4kq 86 muffler

Jeryd writes:
> I was looking under my 4kq today and it appears that my car has two
> mufflers!  Why is that?

Yup, most Audis have two.  My 4000 now has only one (I had the center
muffler replaced with a straight pipe), and the rear muffler is now
a Sebring performance unit (basically straight through too, with
little perforated dimples on the inside wall venting into the muffler
body filled with sound dampening material.  The Sebring flows better
than the Leistritz that I used to have and provides a noticeable
increase in power.

It's much louder than stock, and a bit louder than the Leistritz, but
nowhere near the drone of the old Ansa system I had once.
I think the system is probably a bit too free-flowing (if there is
such a thing), and I get raspberries (on lift throttle, it gurgles and
farts).  Sort of race car like, borderline kewl or obnoxious, depending
on your point of view.

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