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Re: antilock preference on or off

My ABS saved my butt several years ago, Peter. I was cruising north at a
good clip on Highway 69 in the 200q one late November night. I came around a
corner into a rock cut and saw 5 cars into the rocks on both sides of the
road and 3 cars artistically spread across the highway. I instinctively went
for the brake and had no sooner touched it than the ABS activated (bless
it's noisy soul). I got off the brake, hit the clutch, and steered through
the wreckage (still at a good speed). The road was black ice shoulder to
shoulder in the rock cut. Without ABS, there's a good chance I would have
joined the others in a roadside chat. It was unbelievably slippery in there,
and there wasn't much room for skid control and recovery manoeuvres!
    I've always practiced threshold braking on my non-ABS cars, but I figure
using ABS is worth a slight possible reduction in braking efficiency for the
surprise saves it can provide!

Fred Munro
'91 200q  281k km

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> Generally leave it on cuz I don't like the light - when I'm pushin it I'll
> turn it off - rain, snow or sun.  Actually prefer it off in the snow. ABS
> sucks (IMO) if you can "Threshold brake" - I want total control over the
> at all times - I don't want it telling me when it will stop.  I don't have
> hard time out stopping the ABS in any road condition except full braking
> collision avoidance - here the ABS is at it's best.
> Peter
> 1990 200TQ
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> Do the newer Audi's still have the antilock brake on/off switch on the
> dash?  I don't think I have seen any other vehicles with such a switch.
> I'd like to get some opinions from others.  I generally like to turn my
> ABS off as I like the "feel" better.  I understand the benefit of having
> ABS in an emergency situation but for hard fun driving I always turn it
> off.  Anybody out there care to share their opinions/experiences?
> Regards
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