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Re: Harness thoughts...

>  I don't think racing harnesses in a street car are dangerous if mounted
>  properly.

Well, of course they aren't ... it's *improperly* mounted harnesses that 
cause problems.  That said, properly mounting a harness in a car (as opposed 
to a wom -- er, never mind) isn't easy if you still plan on using the back 

>  Also, I have some other thoughts...  The back of the seat is going to take
>  the pressure in an impact, so the driver should be fine unless the seat
>  crumples.

Only if the top of your shoulders is well below the top of the seat ... even 
then, I wouldn't count on the seat back being fine.  Personally, I've seen so 
many wrecked cars with broken and collapsed seats that I wouldn't chance it 
myself, no matter what Schroth might say.

>  I think us with type-44's and on are ok as those are pretty
>  sturdy seats, but I want to make sure they are approved for use with
>  harnesses.

In my experience, the seats in the Type 44 cars are no better built or 
stronger than those used in any other Audi.  I've eventually had to weld up 
broken seat pans on every Audi my family has owned, so I know it's not just 
me or the way I drive, either.
>  I think mounting to the original back seat mounting points is best.

Hey, it's *your* back ... just don't whine if and when you ever injure it.  

>  suggested mounting to the rear child seat mounting locations up high....  
>  the type-44's have this???  I don't remember seeing anything like that on 
>  rear deck.

According to the Bentley manual, provision for them is built into the rear 
deck but using them will require that holes be drilled through it and some 
other hardware attached.