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Re: 4000q front strut tops

My experiences here:

Frank de Kat wrote:
> I have a question, that my 'database' of the one Audi 4000q I own won't
> help me with.
> Here's the (long) question..
> I'm talking about the metal 'caps' the center the top of the frot struts.
> This metal cap is under the black plastic covers on the strut tops, and is
> what the large nut that holds the strut in bolts onto.
> On my 4000q, the metal 'cap' sits about the hight of my finger above the
> fender. When I jack up the car, the strut goes down that half inch, before
> starting to lift with the car.
> A friend who has a 4000q also, says his caps are right against his fender
> at rest. Then he looked at his parts 4000q. It's the same as mine, with the
> cap sitting a bit above the fender.
> It strikes me that this extra bit of height is not a good thing, especially
> when doing 'brisk' navigational rallies, where there is sometimes
> opportunity of 'negative weight' on the struts.
> I'm also wondering if this oddness has anything to do with the different
> strut bushings that seem available.. Seems there are blue and black, And
> they are not the same height? Would this height difference show up at the
> strut top?
> The bently book does not show enough detail to really let yoou know what's
> happening here...
> If there is a choice of parts, my preference would be for the extra ride
> height, as I do some road rallies occasionally. My sump guard hangs low
> enough as is...
> Any thoughts? Anyone else have the same situation?
> Regards!
> Frank de Kat
> fdekat@sentex.net
> Dundas, Ontario, Canada
> http://www.sentex.net/~fdekat
> To see "The Rally Pictures"