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Re: JUST moved! any Q-list members in NC????

I just bought an 87 5kcstq. and I have been on this list about a week! Yea
I live in Durham, NC.

-83 VW 16v Cabbie
-83 VW Turbo Rocco
-87 VW 8v GTI
-87 Audi 5kCSTQ (recently aquired, not featured on my site)
see my cars and read about my obsession...

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Subject: JUST moved! any Q-list members in NC????

> Hello all, I just moved from Arizona to North Carolina, Wilmington
> Is anyone here or close that I could get to know ????
> Obin Olson
> 88 Audi 90q, 180k----waiting for TURBO transplant, 88 90 NON q 136k needs
> new bolts for muffler, is VERY LOUD! and sounds like a RedNeck car ;)
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