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Re: First A6 V8

Robert Wunderlich, DPM decided to speak these words:

>Another possible explanation is that the A6 4.2 comes standard with 16"
>50-series tires, or optional 17" 40-SERIES tires.  Not much sidewall there
>to cushion the ride...I drove a Lexus SC400 a couple of years ago that had
>50-series rubber, and it was pretty damn harsh in LA freeway traffic,
>considering it's a luxury coupe known for a soft ride.  Maybe Audi wants
>those upper-level execs to FEEL like they're driving something a little bit
>sporty for their $50K?

I think that this is beginning to become a myth.  I remember reading a 
magazine article about ride of high performance tires (cant remember 
which magazine).  the tester found that he couldnt notice too much 
difference between the different sidewall ratio tires...and he tested 


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