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Urq sorting out

Tonite I got the car to behave as it should setting in the garage (DC at 
49.7, going to 62.9 when WOT tripped, idle stable & sounds good). Took it 
down the block, and felt like I had a misfire pulling back into the garage. 
Without shutting it off, I checked the DC and sure enough it was stuck at 
4.8. WOT would send it to 62.9, but go right back to 4.8 when released. 
Checked Ohm's (open/shut) for the idle/throttle switch. Checked OK, but then 
noticed the DC meter had gone back to 49.7. Idle and blipped throttle sounded 
better, so I took it down the block again. Felt absolutely great at first, 
then back to missfire/sluggish. Pulled back into the garage and found DC 
stuck on 4.8. Turning the 3 mm mixture screw didn't change the DC reading, 
just the idle. All this was with car fully warm (fan cycling on and off) and 
the temp sender wire grounded.
Sounds like everything is working as it should with one exception. All I need 
to do is find out which one. Any advice/help greatly appreciated.
All the advice and support I have received to date has made this a rewarding 
experience, and I haven't even put a mile on the car yet.

Dennis Graber