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Re: Will these wheels fit?

On Sat, 02 Oct 1999 08:09:25 -0400, you wrote:

>iviarty@juno.com wrote:
>> Will ABT wheels that are 7.5"x16" with an offset of ET35 fit on the Type
>> 44?
>Not likely.  They will rub severely on the back of older 44s with
>the "wheel skirt."  My '86 5k has 7x15 eth38 and they are _very_
>close in the back (215/60 tires) with a bunch of negative camber.
>All would be well with eth45...

I run some 16x7 Ronal wheels with ET37 on my '87 5k, and they won't
rub, but it's _very_ tight in the rear, even with 205/55 tires. 7.5"
and ET35 would _really_ rub in the rear, unless you have retrofitted
200tq20v rear fenders to your car.. :-)

BTW: Whose idea was the wheel skirts? They just make most after-market
wheels rub, and don't look that good either..