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Done Moving Sale.

Now that we are a bit settled in the new house, it is time to get rid of
the extra "stuff" I discovered while moving.  Some of this was posted
before the move and I did get some responses which I was not able to
reply to.  Sorry to those that I didn't get back to, but let me know if
you responded before and you can have first right of refusal.

Five Blizzak 195/60R14 snow tires, four mounted on the factory 4 on 108
Ronal R8's 
  Fit 4kq, 4k, CGT, 80/90q's and non, 5ks - $250 (can deliver in
Denver/Boulder area)

Factory power antenna for 5k (long, non amplified, new mast) - $35

CGT Center console (black late style, no shift boot) - $25

5kt rear center reflector bar (fits '84-'87, nice upgrade for 5ks)  -

4k/CGT/Ur q hood, (no rust or dents, underside has been media blasted) -
Early ur q/4kq diff. lock cable, (like new)  - $25

Ur q shifter console with boot (mocca brown, nice shape) - $25

CQ/90 20V flywheel (good for 80/90 MC swap, lighten and use on S4,
etc.)  - $50

3B/AAN 20Vt exhaust manifold (stock, no cracks) - $35

Ur q Euro rear bumper cover (Tornado red, w/ reflectors, some scuffs) -

Prices do not include shipping.

Steve Eiche
Arvada, CO