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'88 5ktq FS

Got one for sale

I got a killer deal on a '91 200TQ today and it is now in the driveway

Selling my '88 5ktq.  In the 3 years I've owned it I've replaced a ton of
parts.  Owners of these cars know what I mean, all the usual stuff.

The car is a pearl '88 5ktq.  I'll hit 152,000 miles this week.  Blue
leather interior, comfort seats.  The car has pearl Fuchs wheels.

First off what does not work on the car:  the drivers seat heater is out
and the drivers window one touch doesn't one touch.  Everything else works.
 The clear coat is crazed in areas.  The hood and the top of the right rear

As for parts replaced or upgraded:

Engine:  I've got it chipped and running 1.8bar, TAP adjustable cam gear
and K&N air filter.  The tune up parts are maybe a year old. I've been
runing Mobil One for the last 70K miles.  Earlier this year I did the
t-belt and tensioner, and the water pump.  The alternator was replaced 4
months ago.  I put in all new lifters one year ago.  The turbo after-run
water pump has been replaced.  I replaced the fuel pump also.

Chassis:  Konis reds all around.  Up front I've replaced the wheel
bearings, top mounts, both outer CV boots, Delrin subframe bushings, all
anti-roll bar bushings, tie rod ends.  Also a new rack went in this time
last year.

In the rear I've replaced the large control arm bushings, the 2 pairs of
bushings at the front of the control arms.

Hydralics: As I said I did the rack, the "J" hose, the high pressure hose
and the bomb.

Brakes:  Last year I replaced all the rotors with OEM parts.  The pads are
Carbo-tech "F" compounds all around.  These pads work great are dead quiet
and leave very little dust.  The e-brakes works very well and I did the
cable replacement also.

Wheels are Fuchs, very straight and very true.  Great wheels.  The tires
are Michelin XGT V4 205-60-15.  They were new 2 months ago.

I have back dated the headlights to 4xrectangle lights from an '84 so I
could see with H4/H1 bulbs.  But I have 2 new in the box aero headlights
also if you like with all the grill parts etc to switch back to stock.

The windshield is one year old.

So I think that does it but I'm sure there are more parts than that
replaced.  I bet I think of something as soon as I hit send.

So I gave this more than a little thought.  All these new parts, a known
car with a history for an unknown car with reciepts in an envelope.  The
owner had only brought his car in to us once and called me when he bought
an S6.  He dropped $3300 on the '91 200 that visit which included a rack
and a heap of other stuff.

The '88 is in Norwalk CT.  I'd like to get $4500 for it.  E-mail or call
home 203-853-7126 or work 203-335-3919