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>Date: Wed, 29 Sep 1999 22:51:59 EDT
>From: QSHIPQ@aol.com
>Subject: RE:  VC v AWD - archive material?
>>1) it is impossible for a vc to transmit torque without slip.

>>3) in the arrangement above, the haldex acts as a smarter vc.
>Clarification.  The Haldex *CAN* act as a smarter VC.  You can claim it's

happy now that a haldex allows 100% rear torque split?

i'm sure also that the introduction of a computer to control the behaviour
of the clutch would make it smarter to most people.

>>4) if however, you connect a vc to *both* sides of a centre differential,
>>then the vc will act in allow interaxle slip while transferring drive to
>>both output shafts.  this is a true (albeit complicated) full-time awd
>>arrangement with a centre vc.
>Not really clear for *archive* material, incorrect as stated.   When a
>50/50 center VC differential lock is operating without VC activation, it's
>*not* slipping (see 1 above, if 1 is true, how can your statement in 4 be
>true as well?).  It's slipping when one driveshaft spins faster than the
>other relative to the f/r ratio.    Not really convinced you still have a

huh? of course (1) and (4) are both true.

for the archives, and to clarify your confusion, the vc connected to both
sides of a centre differential  doesn't transmit torque until slip (inter
axle in this case) occurs.  of course it's slipping when one driveshaft
spins faster than the other.  and when slip occurs, torque is transmitted.
as stated.

>So how do we go about deleting some of the posts before you "admitted" to

no need, as explained 4 is accurate.

>I'll let you up on 4, but you buy the beer for the complete miss.

pokes from you are also the usual scott.  this from the guy who has insisted
to the list that a fixed diff can't possibly allow more than 50% of torque
to each axle (wanna delete those posts?).  and continued on the same theme
with the haldex.  retraction from you scott?  silence is the usual modus

>Scott Justusson

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q
'88 mb 2.3-16