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Re: More Monkey Lad Paw Prints

In message <> Mike Arman writes:

> If that had come off while the car was being driven, it would have sprayed
> high pressure gasoline all over the engine compartment, and the car and
> contents would have burned to the ground. I think I'm going to investigate
> an attempted murder charge against them.

As pressures in fuel delivery systems increased, the German authorities
became increasingly concerned about the possibility of such problems

For instance - the early ur-quattros had a pre-filter (811 201 911D) in
the fuel line from the tank that I might call a sediment trap.  This was
a service change item, but it was deleted and the metal tongue to which
it was attached was bent up flat with the floor pan.  The older cars
like my carburretor Audi 80CD had a paper fuel filter in a clear plastic
housing (251 201 511G) that was also a six-month item - this was swapped
for the relatively massive fuel filter that (IME) is very rarely changed
during a vehicle's entire life.  There were, I believe, quite specific
restrictions on the degree of training or professionalism required of a
mechanic who opened ("Eingriff") a fuel line in Germany.

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