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Audi music/ another new Audi commercial

Hi all,

I've recently been given a copy of the music CD Audi handed out at the IAA-
20 minutes of 'Zukunftsmusik' (future music), sort of a mix between Dance
and New Age. Interesting, not bad to listen to. None of the corny stuff car
manufacturers usually seem to have to dole out to the unsuspecting public.

Also, there's another Audi TV commercial on here in Holland. Audi NL seems
to have unearthed an ad agency with a sense of humor- after the 'we wash
your car' ad, there's another:

Voice-over: 'News for Audi drivers who hate parallel parking'

Image: (B&W) Guy in A6 driving along, stopping for gap along kerb, trunklid
opening and guy getting out. Close-up shot of the guy- it's Jaap van
Zweden, famous violinist, and he has a violin in his hand (and a bored look
on his face).
The guy in the A6 starts backing his car into the spot, accompanied by Van
Zweden who starts to produce short 'strokes' on his violin that increase in
frequency as the A6 comes closer to the car parked behind it.
When the 'strokes' have merged into one continuous noise the guy gets out,
opens the trunklid and gestures to Van Zweden to get in (which he does,
with a bored look and a sigh). Trunklid closes.

Voice-over: 'Audi parking assistance'

Audi logo

Nice, and weird enough to be noticed. Audi seems to have a penchant for
black and white images, BTW.