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RE: 86 5K stereo replacement (HOW TO UNLOCK A LOCKED RADIO) oops I tried over 3

Hmmmm.. got a couple of replies with the same info about 86 car radios
not having a code.  This wrecker had 2 stereos, one labeled 86 the other
87 and both had codes.  Regardless, it seems to me that the code is
stereo specific, and independant of the car (ie. couldn't you take the
stereo out of a 90 audi and put it in an 83 Ur-Q and once you hook up
the power and entered the right code the stereo should work...right?)
Anyway, the stereo I bought plugs right into the harnesses in my car, so
it should work.  Is there a special sequence of buttons that you have to
press in addition to the numbers in order to activate it?  or just press
the numbers?
Once thing I wonder about is the bolt at the back that helps support the
stereo.  Does it also serve as a ground?  Thanks for any help/advice.  

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'86 5KTQ stock (if you don't know what it means, you aren't in the club)

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>tried over 3 
>86 radio with a code?  The first cars to get code radios were 88's and then 
>the wiring harness for the radio was different.  Sense you do have a code 
>radio though once you try to unlock the radio more than three times it will 
>lock up.  The only way to unlock the radio once it is in a locked mode is to 
>leave it sit untouched with the power on for a period of time.  This period 
>varies from radio to radio.  My 88 Jetta radio did it in 15 minutes.  My 96 
>Jetta radio in our quantum took 1.5 hours.  By the way if you ever need to 
>find a cheep radio find one that is locked up that the junk yard can't figure
>out how to unlock as most people don't know this trick.