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Re: Am I going to hurt the car?

Hairy green toads from Mars made Phil Payne say:

> In message <199910041405.KAA0000505455@hunch.zk3.dec.com> Andrew Duane USG writes:
> > My '95 A6QW can handle 2000 pounds (trailer with brakes) or 1455
> > without brakes. Tongue load is man 110 pounds.
> Odd.  The 100TQW figures are 2000 _KILOS_ with brakes, 680 without.
> Another Mars lander bites the dust.
> (The stock limit is 1700 kilos.  2000 kilos is only with 'the permission
> of your dealer', who I suppose is meant to ensure that you have the
> oversize clutch plate fitted.)

Hmmmm, maybe the turbo helps. This is a "generic" listing, for lots
or models, so it may be conservative....


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