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Re: 20v in a 4000q

On Mon, 4 Oct 1999, Gerry Snow wrote:

> The 10v or 20v turbo sounds great, but I understand there may be quite a lot
> of custom ducting, heat shielding, and bracket work for the installation in
> this car.  And then, I've heard about various problems with reliability.

I haven't heard of anyone doing an I5 20v into a 4kq.  Thus, there are no
BTDTs available from the list.  There probably will be an equal amount of
custom ducting, heat shielding, etc...

> My goal is to get a reliable engine installation, perhaps with additional
> mods to push the horsepower close to 200 bhp (+/-).  I would like to do this
> without spending a ton of money (I can define this further if anyone wishes

Hmmm... having a car with the 20v engine, I don't think you'll get too far
from the 164bhp it comes with stock.  This topic has circulated a lot on
the 20v list (check www.20v.org) and the consensus (if I may paraphrase my
compatriots) is that there isn't much you can do to get hp up on these
motors.  Intake and exhaust mods are usually the extent of the mods on the
20v list.  BUT, it still is a hoot more than the 115 that the I5 10v puts
out in fresh-from-factory form.

I, personally, would go the 10v turbo route, since it's been done more

Good luck, keep us posted!

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