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Re: ceramic coating and 2-piece EM...

In message <00fe01bf0eb0$17e0baa0$955a883e@oemcomputer> "Jim Haseltine" writes:

> > Just hope no big chunks peel off, 'cos the next thing downstream is a
> > turbo impellor at 20,000+ rpm.  It ain't gonna peel at idle, is it?
> Rather along the lines that I was thinking except I'd reckoned even little
> pieces might come off (might? with a DIY kit I'd reckon that it's got to be
> certain to lift).
> The coating might be inexpensive but if it wrecks a turbo....

Well, exactly.  And what about the chemistry - is it OXS sensor friendly
and cat friendly?

STOCK, guys, STOCK.  Audi (believe it or not) are better engineers than
most of us.

Except most of us could come up with better door handles and electrics.

But - engines, they're good at.  188k miles at full bore and still
smiling.  The two I5s outside this house have gone round the Earth
11 times ...

 Phil Payne
 UK Audi quattro Owners Club
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