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Re: Wheel Clearance

I have 5-spoke, 16x7, ET45 wheels on my 95 A6Q with 205/55-16 tires and
there is very, very, very little clearance between the tire and the tie rod
end (can't fit my pinkie finger).  That said, I have never had a problem
with rubbing.  I also think this car came delivered from the dealer with
these wheels (I bought it used).  I've seen quite a few A6's with the same
Jeff Fithian
95 A6Q 5sp


Date: Sun, 3 Oct 1999 21:29:54 -0400
From: "Craig D. Niederst" <niederst@telerama.com>
Subject: Wheel clearance

I mounted my new to me A4 5 spoke wheels on my '92 100S yesterday. Big
improvement in appearance and also in handling with the 205 55 16 Pirelli
P6000 tires ($59 from Discount Tire Direct BTW, good deal). I am a little
concerned about inside tire clearance on the front wheels though. With my
old 15x7 wheels with 195 65 15 tires, I could fit my fingers between the
tire and the part of the wheel bearing housing where the tie rod is attached
(probably 1 in of clearance). With the new wheels, I can barely fit my
little finger between the tire and the wheel bearing housing (less than .5
in of clearance). I took the car out for a good long ride today thru the
twisties, etc, and could not detect any rubbing. I know Audi put this same
wheel on some late C4 A6's in '96-'97 (same front suspension as my 100), so
their shouldn't be a problem, right? TIA.

'92 100S (84k)