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Re: WTB: 5kcstq goodies (and news)

"Doyt W. Echelberger" <Doyt@nwonline.net> wrote:
> >To: auditude@neta.com
> >>
> >>My near future plans are to get the a/c cold, tint the windows, and 
> >>condition the leather.  I had the tires balances before I came back, 
> >>and that took care of a shimmy it had at cruising speed.  I think it 
> >>could use an alignment, so I'm looking into putting some springs 
> >>on it first.  Gotta justify the $250-300, so's not to waste the $50+ 
> >>on the alignment.
> >
> >...........................mine needed lots more at that mileage, to hold
> alignment.

The suspension seems solid enough.  The car really isn't in that 
bad of a shape.  I will learn more of course as I go.

> >  I'm most 
> >>urgently concerned with how to diagnose a seized a/c compressor 
> >>clutch (will the one from my '85 4ksq work?),
> >
> >............................I don't think so. And if it did it would be
> even older and maybe worse.  I'd rank the A/C as a secondary priority right
> now. You need to look for leaks and be sure it will hold Freon before
> putting in a compressor. See a specialist for a diagnosis.

You mean the compressor clutch is a low priority in the 
troubleshooting of the a/c system?  Or, do you mean the a/c 
system is a low priority in the troubleshooting of the car's 
roadworthiness in general?  I'm asking because here in Arizona, 
a/c is more imporant than in some other areas.

If a/c is a second priority in the grander scheme of things, what is 
the first priority?  The bomb?  Please advise.

> >ideas on the brake pulsing/warning lights, >
> >...............................It probably has a failing 'bomb'
> and maybe master cylinder, and the pulsing may be warped rotors. > >
> and what are the recommended sporty springs 
> >
> >
> >............................Before sporterizing the springs, you are
> probably gonna need shocks and some expensive suspension work, and maybe
> even wheel bearings and brakes just to get it to stop right and hold
> alignment. At that age (miles) it will soon need front ball joints (very
> costly, whole units) and rear trapezoidal arm bushings, and rear transverse
> control arm replacement. And a few new tie rods. You are looking at a
> thousand dollars right there. Then, when the suspension is tight, think
> about sporty springs if you have any money left.  And it may need a turbo
> after-run coolant pump and a new timing belt and water pump. And lots of
> rubber hoses and maybe new tires. Identify the big things first before
> sporterizing anything, and work the sporterizing into your maintenance of
> necessary stock stuff.

Of course, I maybe be trying to convince myself, but the 
suspension isn't bad at all.  Or, at least it doesn't exhibit any very 
bad behavior.  Time will tell.  I will not be driving the car very much 
at all until the a/c is fixed, while I have a choice.

> >..........................Best advice I can offer is to (If you haven't
> already done it) FIRST check out Scott Mockry's web page at
> http://www.teleport.com/~scottmo/

Great site.  It finally has relevance to me!