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Re: FS: UR Quattro 20v

> You wouldn't think a car that had never left a showroom would fall to bits, 
but that's exactly what
>  happened in certain respects.  Almost all the rubberware had to be 
replaced immediately.

I find this ineresting as it's been my experience that so long as the car 
isn't stored outdoors and the rubber parts aren't directly exposed to UV 
rays, they usually hold up quite well.  Mind you, old racing tires tend to go 
"off" regardless and parts stored indoors near ozone-generating electric 
motors don't fare too well but otherwise, I've had good luck with my spare 
parts stash over the years.  Perhaps the fact that I live in the desert (low 
humidity) is also a factor in this?
>  20V ur-quattros (and there are some registered in 1990 that have still
>  lower mileages than the car in question - I know of one with only 7000
>  miles) fetch ridiculous sums.  A GBP11k premium over an MB?

Sure, if not for the extra 10 valves then how about for the leather-trimmed 
interior and center console, the vented rear brakes, the hydraulic hood 
lifts, et al?