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RE: S6 FS in Western Canada

Ryan said...

However found the clutch effort to be WAY heavier than my 94 90S
Quatt...don't know if this is common.

Oh, so that's why it hurts when my wife kicks me with her left leg and not with her right.  Another mystery resolved at last.

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Thought there might be some interest in an 96 S6 on a local M-B lot.

I have seen/driven it...here are my impressions.  It is red with black
leather interior.  The exterior has no major dents and only very minor
dings, however front has a fair amount of stone chips/chip repairs.  The
interior has some wear evident on the floor mats, carpeting and steering
wheel (fraying).    It had the optional CD player in it (the ONLY option
available I believe), but the salesman mentioned they might take it out
(I can't remember why)  The car is clean, but not pristine.

On the drive; Few if any rattles, tracks straight, is fast and seems
solid.  However found the clutch effort to be WAY heavier than my 94 90S
Quatt...don't know if this is common.

The salesman knows the car and the background of the S6 model (IE its
rareness, performance etc)...he was the one who arranged the lease when
he was manager of the local Audi dealership, so he also knows the car.  
This car was leased by a local executive and has close to
79,000kms/50,000miles (not the 75kms advertised on the web site).

The funny thing is I have been eyeing an S4/S6 and really thought this
car would capture me...but it didn't.  It actually disappointed me. 
While it is definitely more car than mine and is faster, it didn't do
anything for me.  It might be the color, the interior wear, the clutch,
the fact it is not in as good a shape as my 90 but is over 2 years
younger or a gut feel (completely unsubstantiated) that it didn't get
the treatment an S6 deserves...just not sure what turned me off.  Due to
that I didn't pursue much in the way of price or having the car checked
out in more detail.

It was over two weeks ago that I looked at it, but it is still on the
web sites so it has likely not been moved yet.


Info on vehicle from dealer.  Click on "Make other than Mercedes".  If
you send an E-MAIL they will respond.


At the following URL, select Used Cars, then scroll down to the bottom
of the page under quick pics, click on the S6 link for a picture.


The usual disclaimers apply...I have no affiliation with the dealer or
salesman.  Just passing it on as a service to other Audi fans.  Maybe
someone will see/feel something I didn't...it is truly a rare car.

94 90S Quattro
(Shameless promotion: the last 2 times I have filled the 90 up with gas
I have been approached and asked if it was a new 1999 or 2000 model from
Audi...they seemed genuinely surprised when I said it as a 94)